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Employee engagement is key to the success of an organization. According to Gallup only 13% of the employees working for an organization worldwide are engaged. At Ken and Headway we help in building this emotional link between you and your workforce thereby increasing productivity, security, safety and loyalty. The reason we are a great Training partner is we live our values, go beyond engaging, we inspire !
Design, curate and deliver high impact trainings – This is the underpinning principle that drives our Corporate Training division. We align our resources to the industry needs which help us build training programs in areas of our expertise, covering niche domains.
As an organization you not only benefit from up-skilling your employees, you are also provided with metrics to evaluate. We go the extra-mile in providing you quantitative data that helps you measure outcomes against budget expended.

Training Areas

Organizations have looked up to us for training in three broad areas. If you have a specific goal
or program in mind do let us know and we are happy to include a fourth category !
On Boarding – New Recruits
One of the common challenges with new hires is preparing them for a quick onboard
Boot Camps
If you are looking for intensive, goal oriented trainings for your team, our boot camps is just the right fit.
Organizations have continued to invest heavily in developing their workforce both in technical and soft skills.

World Class Certifications

Ken & Headway is the most trusted educator worldwide


Emerging Technologies

Project Management

IT Service Management

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Looking to empower your most valuable assets with high-value certifications in trending and Emerging Technologies

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